The Role of the Trust

CFT's role to raise funds 

An important element of the CFT's overall responsibility is the ability to raise funds to assist with the development of a variety of infrastructure projects. We are working on a number of high profile, high value projects that will derive significant community benefit in the short, medium and long term.

Working together

In today's economic environment we need to focus on partnerships in order to secure funding for projects which otherwise may never get off the designer's table.

The Trust is fortunate to be supported by a progressive Council which is dedicated to growing community capacity through improving the built environment which the people of the Hutt Valley and wider region use on a daily basis - whether they are a recreational facility, library or some other community meeting place.

Prospective funding partners should be reassured that they will be working with a Trust and Council that understand what a funding partnership means and how it must be beneficial for all parties. We will strive to ensure any contributor is acknowledged, treasured and that their return on their investment is maximised.

Public/private partnerships can provide tremendous benefits to the investor as well as the community.

If you would like to know about the range of partnership opportunities we currently have available, please contact the Trust Chairperson, John Strahl.