Integrated Facilities Plan


Hutt City Council undertook a comprehensive planning approach to assessing the future need of community facilities in the Hutt Valley. An Integrated Facilities Plan was prepared which is the touchstone for our Trust – a core foundation document that will help provide a blueprint for future developments across our city.

Lower Hutt is a place that offers a fantastic lifestyle and this is reflected in Council’s vision for the city - 'a great place to live, work and play'. Council recognises that many of our current recreation and community facilities fall short of this vision, and with shrinking funds and less time for leisure and recreation we need to plan innovative, world-class facilities to meet the changing needs of our community and enhance Lower Hutt's place in the Wellington region.

This plan has not been developed in isolation but takes into account the whole range of strategies, reports, reviews and plans that have been prepared by Council in relation to community facilities. The plan also takes into account demographic and statistical information relevant to our neighbourhoods, including population projections.

IFP map 

Download the Long Term Integrated Community Facilities Plan 2015 (PDF 3 Mb)